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Best New Manufactured Homes For Sale

The Best New Manufactured Homes For Sale find our favorite mobile home dealers in massachusetts with this list of the top manufactured home building companies from mass mobile home

Best Manufactured Home Builders in the Nation

If you’re in the market for a new manufactured home and are searching for the best new manufactured homes for sale, you’ve come to the right place!

We’ve hand-selected some of the best mobile home builders and manufacturing companies from across the United States and compiled our favorite mobile home builders in this list.

Don’t forget, your new manufactured home will come with a warranty, as well some assurances on installation and setting from your mobile home dealer and the towing company that moves your home.

The length of the warranty on your brand new mobile home varies depending on the manufactured home builder and the local regulations in your home state. In Massachusetts, new mobile homes purchased and installed in the state will have both a standard warranty from the manufacturer that can last up to 10 years; as well as an additional, shorter warranty that covers the installation and setup of your mobile home from your mobile home dealer.

Top Manufactured Home Builders

  • Clayton Homes: It’s hard to talk about the manufactured housing industry and not mention Clayton Homes. The undisputed leader in mobile home manufacturing, Clayton has led the manufactured housing industry for decades. Clayton began setting the standard on the luxurious mobile homes you see today years ago, when they began building mobile homes that rivaled the quality & comforts you experience in traditional stick-built homes. Clayton Homes delivers a superior product at an untouchable price, and has consistently done so for years. They are the gold-standard manufactured home builder, as the company continues to set the bar the the entire mobile home industry. Clayton Homes hold their value tremendously well, and are the most sought-after manufacturer of used mobile homes. Visit the Clayton Homes Website.
  • Champion Homes: Champion Homes is a well-known and extremely reputable manufacturer of mobile homes. They’re a close 2nd to Clayton, offering some of the best mobile homes as well as park model and RV homes to new homeowners. With the numerous models Champion offers you’re sure to find the perfect home for your budget. Champion’s offerings are generally less square footage when compared to the homes Clayton has, but don’t let the reduced footprint of these mobile homes concern you. Champion Homes are known for their spacious living areas, vaulted ceilings, and additional ceiling windows. These elements combined create manufactured homes that feel gigantic, when compared to their size measurements. Hight ceiling and lots of natural light, as well as their affordable price make Champion Homes a solid second choice for best mobile home manufacturer. Visit the Champion Homes Website.
  • Fleetwood Homes: Fleetwood Homes offers some magnificent quality manufactured homes. From luxurious master bathrooms with jacuzzi tubs, and gorgeous professional kitchen options, Fleetwood has built a reputable name for themselves in the new mobile home builder market. This statement is only backed by their numerous awards from various manufactured housing associations, they’ve been doing something right for quite some time. Fleetwood Homes are known for their quality build and are known to be highly sought after in the used mobile home market. With their phenomenal reputation aside, some of the mobile home models offered by Fleetwood seem a little dated. Not to say they aren’t quality mobile homes- some of the designs are in need of a more modern refresh. Regardless of design, people certainly love them! Visit the Fleetwood Homes Website.

Find The Best New Manufactured Homes For Sale

If you’re ready to purchase a new mobile home, congrats on taking the initiative and investing in your future! And don’t forget to do your homework!

You’ll want to familiarize yourself with the mobile home parks in your area, or in your state. Many trailer parks have age restrictions (and don’t allow kids to reside in the park!) While these retirement communities can be great for the 55+ crowd, it is certainly not a welcoming place to raise a family. Make a list of your needs and wants as you research mobile home parks in your area.

Next, find the manufactured home dealers in your state, as well as any mobile home builders in your area. If a mobile home manufacturer is in your state, you might be able to buy cheap factory-direct mobile homes. The mobile home dealers will have relationships with the best manufacturers (and towing companies!) in your area. For the first-time buyer, the additional fees and sales commissions incurred can be worth the extra cost for the experience you get from a professional mobile home dealer. It’s always good to know what brands your local mobile home dealer offers.

Our Favorite Mobile Home Manufacturers

We wanted to spotlight a couple of our favorite mobile home builders in the US. While not the biggest or the cheapest, the manufactured homes from these two bonus builders will make you think twice.

Both of these manufacturers offer spacious home designs with tons of natural light. Check each of them out to see more of the unique design elements incorporated into their manufactured home designs.

Silvercrest Homes: Browse through their gorgeous floor plans and you’ll notice two things, these manufacturers love windows and hate walls! The open, spacious home plans make their mobile homes feel large and cozy at the same time. Visit the Silvercrest Homes Website.

Oakcreek Homes: Oakcreek’s magnificent single-wide mobile homes are the stellar (super affordable) product that gets them this special mention. These mobile homes are rugged and the perfect fit for that piece of land you’re developing. Whether you’re building a homestead with your family and growing your farm, or looking to create a rural getaway in the hills of Western Massachusetts. Visit the Oakcreek Homes Website.

Favorite Mobile Home Builders

Who are your favorite manufactured home builders? Do you have any additional companies you’d add to the list?

Let us know in the comments your favorite manufactured home model offered by one of the builders mentioned!