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Manufactured Home Laws in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts

Manufactured Home Laws learn mobile home park regulations for buying used mobile homes and the laws in MA with resources for trailer park owners in MA

Mobile Home Park Laws in Massachusetts

The Commonwealth of Massachusetts has very explicit manufactured home laws and regulations regarding mobile home parks.

Many laws passed in Mass in relation to manufactured home communities have been put in place to protect residents from unfair landlords. Some mobile home associations also work to protect residents and landlords.

Laws pertaining to lot rents, late fees, and other charges explicitly dictate how and when fees can be changed by the mobile home park owner.

Other laws explain how utilities are to be billed and what a landlord can legally charge mobile home park residents for utility services.

Read the regulations and various laws in MA about mobile home communities:

Massachusetts Manufactured Home Laws

Many Massachusetts laws passed protect residents and define how utilities are accessed by each mobile home lot.

Mobile Home Community Rules

Massachusetts is one of many states that require mobile home communities to draft rules that govern their resident parks.

The state provides guidelines and a sample community rulebook that mobile home park owners can model.

Once a community has drafted their rules & regulations, they must submit their guidelines for approval by the state.

Manufactured Home Community Rules in Massachusetts

Learn more about the process for creating mobile home community rules from the Massachusetts Attorney General at the link above.

Does your mobile home community have a set of rules?

Mobile Home Community Owners

Managers and operators of manufactured housing communities in MA should be aware of the regulations Massachusetts has placed on our industry.

Among the specific documents regarding mobile home parks, the manufactured housing act details how communities are to operate and the responsible parties.

Read the mobile home act of Mass:

Massachusetts Manufactured Housing Act

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What other resources or official documents do you rely on when managing your mobile home community?

When was your manufactured home community guidelines revised? Let us know in the comments!