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Top Mobile Home Associations in Massachusetts

mobile home associations in Massachusetts learn about manufactured housing community organizations in the state of mass with these trailer park associations

Mobile Home Associations and the Commonwealth

Mobile home associations can be an amazing resource. If you’re an active member of your resident community or you own a mobile home park owner in MA, you might think about joining a resident community association.

There can be many benefits to joining one of our local manufactured housing groups in Massachusetts.

In general, these associations exist to facilitate networking between mobile home parks in the state, as well as to lobby for laws supporting manufactured home communities.

Learn how mobile home organzations impact manufactured home laws in Massachusetts.

Be sure to check out each organization to learn more about their involvement and how they positively impact our industry.

Manufactured Housing Groups in Massachusetts

If you’re a mobile home park owner in Massachusetts, it can be a great idea to join one or both of the organization mentioned.

Why Join Your Local Manufactured Home Group

Beyond lobbying for favorable laws and working to coordinate the numerous mobile home parks in the state, the manufactured housing groups in Massachusetts serve as a way to network with other mobile home park owners and manufactured community managers.

In addition to regular meetings, these mobile home groups also host larger annual events.

These events can be the perfect place to meet other owner-operators of manufactured home communities in Massachusetts.

Selling Your Mobile Home in Massachusetts

If you’re looking to sell your manufactured home, these mobile home groups can connect you with local buyers in your area.

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Are you a member of either manufactured home organization in Massachusetts?

Let us know your thoughts in the comments!